Curriculum vitae

Alexander Nikolaevich Makarenko

Keys of success:

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing!
Look at my horse, my horse is amazing!
  • Caress;
  • Communication and honesty;
  • Ability to work under pressure;
  • Endless improvement of my «craft»;
  • Pedantry.

Contact information:

Career Objective:

Find own original idea, be wise enough to be a software architect.
Live in Canada, buy BMW Alpina…?

Personal information:

  • Nationality: russian;
  • Resident of: Russian Federation;
  • Birth date: 6 Dec, 1991;
  • Sex: male;
  • Marital status: single;


  • Java development:
    • Mobile: Android SDK, GL ES: libgdx, andegine, twl
    • Server-side: ZK, Spring, Hibernate, different JSF frameworks
  • I work well with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Couch;
  • Have practical skills in scripting with: Perl, Bash, NodeJS;
  • With Node.JS I’m using Express, Connect, generic-pool, async, vows and much more other libraries;
  • Have 3+ years experience with Gentoo Linux, so knowledge and undestanding of any other distribution of Linux is clean;
  • Basic setup skills for: Apache httpd, nginx, Tomcat, Glassfish;
  • Year of being Asterix engineer made me a geek of vTigerCRM, FreePBX.

Professional experience:

September, 2012 -
Node.js/C++ developer
Jobs at

  • Node.js C++ bindings for libxl
  • Scraping solutions based on Node.js + PhantomJS

December, 2012 -
Node.js developer

  • Developing of analytics web-applications
  • Used technologies, software: Express, Backbone, Websockets,, document-oriented databases/li>

May, 2012 -
May, 2013
Node.js/C++ developer

  • Creating of server-side app architecture.
  • Developing of API server, based on Express, RabbitMQ, node-mysql-libmysqlclient driver.
  • Updated prepared statements functionality in existing Node.js MySQL driver: node-mysql-libmysqlclient. Added MysqlStatement#FetchAllSync().
  • Developed simple node package watch-inotify for creating filesystem monitors using Linux inotify subsytem (also made contribution to node.js package inotify).

February, 2012-
May, 2012
Android developer
Like Games Ltd.

  • Game development: Android SDK, AndEngine.
  • Was one of the developers of Mystery Manor.

February, 2011 -
February, 2012
Software developer
Join Game Ltd.

  • NodeJS. Developing of API server for game.
  • Game development: Android SDK, OpenGL ES, libgdx, TWL.
  • Was one of the developers of social game Enchanted Realm.

August, 2010 -
February, 2011
Asterisk engineer/CRM developer
Contact-Center Ltd

  • (PHP, jQuery, PostgreSQL, MySQL) Customizing, developing modules for vTiger, Shugar CRM-systems to simplify working with Asterisk-based call-centers for our clients;
  • Asterisk custom configuration (“by hands”);
  • Smart configuration via Elastix, FreePBX panels;
  • Configuring Asterisk-clusters using SIP-balancers;
  • Support, teaching for local system administrators;
  • Developing web-apps. using nodeJS/V8 engine (SSJS), WebSocket, WebGL (statistics – graphics);
  • Using following engines – vTiger, Drupal 5, 7 (developing backend to talk to Asterisk);
  • Used frameworks: jQuery, Dojo, mooTools.

June, 2009 -
July, 2010
Autocenter “Super”

  • Site support: debugging existing PHP-JavaScript, bug fixing;
  • Cross-browser JavaScript development;

August, 2009 -
August, 2010
J2EE / Java-Core developer
Professional Debt Managing Ltd

  • (PHP, jQuery, PostgreSQL) Debt statistics:
  • (EJB, PostgreSQL, JSF2, PrimeFaces) Bid for hearing:
  • Developing of applications for PBX Asterisk: web call service, search of calls, listening to recorded call;
  • Developing of internal corporate portal based on Java Server Faces for simplification of remote working with MS Access databases and managing Asterisk calls – call-center;
  • IT-structure planning;
  • Performance tuning of cluster of GlassFish servers;
  • Separation one web-server (Apache Httpd) to few ones (apache, glassfish, tomcat), standing back after the proxy (nginx);
  • Developing applications for MS Access 2007: Used languages / interpretators: Delphi, Visual Basic, Java;
  • Administration of server based on CentOS, Gentoo Linux; administration of MS Server 2003;
  • User support.

June, 2008 -
May, 2009
DB administrator / System administrator
vip-Driver Ltd

  • Converting of databases from a commercial database engine Transbase to an open RDBMS PostgreSQL;
  • Writing a web-interface management news feeds rss;
  • Developing of app for viewing statistics collected by NetFlow – network trafic monitoring system (script on php/ajax);
  • Server administration: Linux Gentoo, MS Server 2003;
  • Developing a script (bash / sql) converting residual products information from 1C platform in PostgreSQL using smbclient utility and Samba service;
  • Configuring / support / installation of workstations (Windows XP / Linux);
  • Setting up secure connections between hosts usinc IPSec.


July, 2013 Don State Technical University
Bachelor, Information System and Technology


Language Speaking level
English Expert
Russian Expert
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